The People

Anti Fund is a quickly growing venture capital fund founded by Geoffrey Woo and Jake Paul.

Jake is an investor, entertainer, and professional boxer. He is a top 5 global creator and media mogul with over 7 billion views across his digitally owned and operated channels. Jake is one of the most searched people on Google for the past 3 years and has generated hundreds of millions in revenue through merchandise, branded content, and PPV buys.

Geoff is an investor, entrepreneur, inventor, and scientist. He is Cofounder & Chairman of — an e-commerce marketing automation software company backed by Tiger Global, Stripe, Human Capital, and Battery Ventures and is Cofounder & Chairman of — Health Via Modern Nutrition, a ketone drink company and Department of Defense contractor backed by Andreessen Horowitz. He holds a BS with Honors and Distinction in Computer Science from Stanford University, is co-inventor of 5 US Patents, and is co-author of 2 peer-reviewed science papers.

We co-invest with all of the top institutional venture capitalists, but our secret plan is to challenge the traditional venture capital model of over-promising founders to win deals and then under-delivering on value-add.

Our strategy to achieve this entails:

Anti Fund Thesis and Alpha

Founders choose Anti Fund because we help them strategize on product, market their business, acquire customers, reduce cost of acquisition, and help wield and drive an increasingly scarce resource: attention.

We’re in the midst of a generational transformation of socio-cultural and economics norms, behaviors, and landscape. Anti Fund will enable this future by inspiring, attracting, and investing in the very best founders building the best